What to Expect

The Initial Oncology Consultation

A diagnosis of cancer is life changing and often overwhelming. You can prepare for your visit to The Oncology Practice to make the process easier and more beneficial by writing down any questions you may already have and bringing the results of the investigations done.

You can expect to have a thorough first consultation which will take up to 1 – 2 hours as it will include information gathering, understanding your family and medical history, reviewing investigations that have been done as well as a physical examination. All this will help Dr Kho formulate a personalised treatment plan.

Having cancer is devastating and results in many anxieties due to the unknown factors present in the journey. Dr Kho will discuss the next steps such as further investigations and treatment and will go over the concerns and answer any questions the patient may have with regards to the treatment, procedures, investigations, supportive care and financing. The discussion will also include the patient’s goals and needs and any anxiety and fears he or she may have.

It is not easy to feel calm and comfortable after learning that you have cancer as what will happen in the next few weeks or months is unknown and unpredictable. However, from the first meeting, Dr Kho and the team at The Oncology Practice will help you understand what lies ahead. Do consider bringing a family member or close friend for support. Make your first appointment today and start on the road to recovery.